How Glorious a Greeting the Sun Gives the Mountains

This mornings sun dispel the remaining dampness of last nights rainy ending.

last nights fire for fellowship and roasting marshmallows ended at the perfect time, as we were wrapping up, with a sprinkle, then a wash. This morning’s sun rose in a rosy, fiery blaze, heralding the perfect fall day.

Philologist’s Thought. I gave a thought to our use of certain words, and their origins and usage. Autumn, a word we get through our French ancestors after William the Bastard conquered England, seems to sound smoother than fall, derived from Old English and Germanic fael. The first may mean passing, as in the years passing, or perhaps increase, suggesting harvest. The second to fall or fail, die or decrease. I think we have an innate, perhaps subconscious, tending towards the more positive term.

I find myself using the term fall more than autumn, perhaps because of my Germanic lineage and language, but perhaps also because I have a bit of a tendency towards the negative. I counter that vigorously with purposeful optimism with a reality chaser. As a person with ADHD, my dopamine levels are low, but I chase that chemical with will and action. I think those tendencies may slip unconsciously into my speech.

What word do you use? What words do you choose, the French derived or the Germanic. As my mamaw used to say, blood will tell.

A Quilt Finds it’s Home

This week a quilt I made several years ago and kept because I knew I would find the right recipient, went to its proper home. It is a special quilt because the fabric is from one of my favorite artists, Sarah Jane Studio, and is hard to find. It went to my sister’s veterinarian, a wonderful woman who saved my sister’s service dog more than once. She is now pregnant with a boy, and I think that he is the absolute perfect child to get this quilt.

Dyeing for Color

I have a wonderful little garden shed that serves both as a storage and activity place for my gardens and a dye shed in which to work my magic.

Last week it was cloudy but only damp, not actively raining…mostly. Actually perfect for dyeing, since the sun can bleach out color quite easily. I used last year’s and this year’s goldenrod, this year’s coreopsis, onion skins, and some really old alkanet. I used two enamel pots, one rather rusted iron pot, and a lovely copper pot to do my dyeing, and since I wanted saddened colors, used ferrous sulfate and alum as my mordant.

LI dyed several pieces of linen (one indigo shibori dyed) and one piece of a fluffy wool. Oh they turned out wonderfully! I exhaust dyed another linen piece the next day for a lovely pale warm brown, perfect for the jacket and dresses I have planned!

I am so pleased with the results, my next dye day will be to set up my indigo pot and make blue magic. This week, I hope, if the weather holds. Maybe next year I can grow my own woad!

First In Person SCA event inTwo Years!

Shire Heavy Weapons Championship
The view from my seat

The site is in the mountains
Music for the court
Court is setting up
On the thrones
The first presentation

This being my first event as an East Kingdom resident, I am very happy for the way the event went. Normally larger, the weather and a rival event kept the populace from attending as well as had been hoped. Still, the fighting was crisp and well played, the two merchants who did attend, one of which was Rock Top Bookshop to my great pleasure, were well equipped and I made purchases from both. A lovely iron footed pot and some Complete Anachronists to add to my collection.

Because the large War of the Wings was cancelled, this smaller event was added to the Royal Progress of Their Majesties Emperor Ioannes II and Empress Honig II. They turned out to prove delightful, full of good humor and fun and generous in both speech and deed. I will enjoy this reign.

The weather was really not nice, though it certainly started thusly, it quickly turned cold and wet, a fall storm blowing in from the southwest. Pine needles fell in a blizzard of rust, spatters of cold rain stung the face and hands, temperatures fell at night, and after court I left for warmer and more enclosed spaces…my home!

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